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An extract from the book

by Mick St Michael, Bison Books Ltd, 1992

Ten Years After also revolved around an axe hero, Alvin Lee, and also went down bigger in the States than in their homeland.
Coming from blues roots, the Nottingham quartet made their name at Woodstock with a near 20-minute I'm Going Home and built a successful career around Lee's guitarwork thereafter.
They split in 1975, having completed 28 marathon US tours, but reformed after over a decade's absence in the late 1980s-their continuing success evidence that alone among the pop styles heavy metal was seldon guilty of 'ageism'.


Alvin Lee
I Hear You Rockin'/Rockspective

by Jay Siekierski

One of rock's all time greats--the legendary guitarist, Alvin lee (Ten Years After, Ten Years later)--hands in his strongest solo release in years with "I Hear You Rockin' " on the N.Y. label, Viceroy.
Lee has had his share of ups and downs over the years, but with this cd things might just turn around for him. From the opening chords of "Keep On Rockin' ", you know what you are in store for!.
Energized r'n'r, blues, and good time boogie shake, rattle, and roll are included in this cd's 12 songs. Textured, oozing blues flow on "Long Legs" and "The Bluest Blues" and a healthy does of classic rock is showcased on Dave Edmund's hit, "I Hear You Knockin'".
After hearing these tunes, you know that the man is back and armed! Throughout the music his axe work is controlled,concise, and hits the mark with a sting, while his songs are strong and his vocals still rock. Hopefully, we will see the return of Alvin with this cd.
Also available from Viceroy is "Rockspective" a 60-minute video that zeroes in on the career of Alvin. An in-depth interview is featured throughout the video and is intercut with rare Ten Years After footage and the very rare promo clips from his '75 "Pump Iron" solo and recent promo clips from his last '92 cd "Zoom".
Both his new cd and this video are excellent for young guitarists coming up who want the message straight. I'll tell you, Alvin is brutally sharp!