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ALVIN LEE BAND Tour Schedule 2002

5/April/2002 Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark

            6/April Brondby Pop Club, Denmark

  22/June Romeerikeblues Festival in Norway

20/July Biker Convention in Portugal



                      24/Nov/2001 FESTIVAL SIMPLY BLUES, Miranda Theatre, Viana (Portugal)

8/June/2001 Athens (Greece),  22/June/2001 Haderslev (Denmark),   23/June/2001 Copenhagen (Denmark)

20/July/2001 Burg Herzberg (Germany), 21/July/2001 Oberhausen (Germany),

9/August/2001 Skanderborg Festival (Denmark)


 - Alvin Lee Band tour 2000 -

Aug/26/2000 Egiswil (Switzerland) Easy Rider Festival
Aug/31 Esbjerg, Sept/1 Randers (Denmark)
Sept/2 Fermarn Island (Germany)
Sept/3 Arhus (Denmark), Sept/6 Odense (Denmark), Sept/7 Copenhagen (Denmark)
Sept/8 Trondheim (Norway)


- News 1999 -

       TEN YEARS AFTER Tour 1999

11/Jun/1999 - city of Turku (Finland)
6/July/99 Bonn Museumsplatz,
7/July/99 Nuremberg Serenadenhof,
9/July/99 Moorenweis,
10/July/99 Hamburg Grosse Freiheit (Germany)
26/Aug/99 Hampton Beach Casino,
27/Aug/99 Pine Knob (Detroit),
28&31/Aug/99 House of Blues (Chicago),
1/Sep/99 New Jersey (with Jethro Tull),
2/Sep/99 Jones Beach (Long Island,with Jethro Tull),
4/Sep/99 House of Blues (Orlando, FL),
15/Sep/99 Far West Rodeo (San Antonio, TX),
16/Sep/99 The Sun Theatre (Anaheim, CA),
17/Sep/99 House of Blues (Las Vegas),
18/Sep/99 Adams County Fairground (Brighton, CO),
20/Sep/99 House of Blues (West Hollywood, LA)

--- photo by Mark, 27/Aug/99 at Pine Knob ---

TYA's performance was broadcasted on the internet from PM1:30 (New York time), 8/14 = AM2:30 (8/15) here in Japan. I learned the difference in time between here and NY is 13 hours as it's summer time. Although my poor modem (28800) never continued more than three seconds at every access (we need ISDN for the next time!), I managed to see the four men really performing their regendary live tunes with cheers and a storm of hand clapping from the audience! It was very exciting experience to see the show on the net at REAL TIME. Thank you Alvin, Chick, Leo and Ric for wonderful performance. And also thank you who helped the show come true and gave the chance to share the show with us who are living on the other side of the world!
Here's the set list for the day ( Please let me know if it's wrong) ;


The concert "A Day In The Garden" will be held at the site of the original Woodstock Festival in Bethel, NY, this Aug . 14th and 15th.

FRI, AUG 14 :


SAT, AUG 15:


For more information including the tickets, please visit the A Day In The Garden web site.

       Ten Years After will also perform at the Bilzen Rock & Jazz Festival (Belgium) on August 1st, among other bands: Steve Harley & Cockney Revel, Ray Davies (Kinks), Status Quo, Mike Flower Pops, and Clown. For futher information, visit here.


       Japan TOSHIBA/EMI has just released TYA/ESSENTIAL TEN YEARS AFTER on CD, for the first time here in Japan, at very reasonable price, with liner notes and a lyric sheet. Hope many young rock music fans will listen to this wonderful album!

       Ten Years After is scheduled to play at Faaker See (Austria), a biker festival 95th Celebration Concert on June 20th.


       Reunion!! - Four original members of TEN YEARS AFTER, Chick Churchill, Leo Lyons, Ric Lee and Alvin Lee had signed contracts with an American manager, Ron Rainey on Jan.10th 1998!

       Just receicved good news from the UK ! (Thank you, Alan, for info)
the latest 'Record Collector'(Issue no.221, January'98) magazine has very good articles for us, TYA/Alvin Lee fans!
The article is 6 pages long, and has an interview with Alvin, a history of the band and a discography. the last words from the interview are very interesting....

"Record Collector: Aren't TYA playing again ?
Alvin Lee: Yeah. In 1997, we put our toe in the water. We had a great time, and apparently so did the audience, so we figured we'd do it properly in '98. And releasing a box set, including unreleased material is likely to be a part of that. We hope to play Britain too."

If anyone wants a copy of the magazine, they do a back-issues service and the address to write to is:

The Magazine Editor,
Back Issues, Record Collector,
43 - 45 St. Mary's Road,
London W5 5RQ,
United Kingdom.


       Alvin Lee Band plays in Europe again (Italy, France and Belgium).
For Tour Schedules, please check WWW.ALVINLEE.COM sometimes.


- new CD - has just released!
It's really a wonderful Rock&Roll album including three unreleased tracks.
For more information, check out official fan club page with ordering info and a sound file.

       Chick Churchill is touring with Status Quo at the moment.


       Let's join the TYA mailing list!

For Alvin Lee & Ten Years After fans, Alvin Lee Fan Club is trying to have an interactive mailing list discussion group!!!
To join the group, please send an e-mail to the discussion group address -
- with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.
If, at any time, you wish to unsubscribe, just send e-mail with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.
I hope many fans will join it with us!

       "REAL TIME" - an instrumental "jam" recorded in 1980 at Alvin's Space Studios - is finally available from Alvin Lee Fan Club.
This audio cassette tape was sold at Alvin's gigs in 1983 but never released commercially. You can't miss it this time!
It's only $6.00 plus postage with membership. For more info, visit here


       Dear TYA fans, if you haven't tried "RECORDED LIVE" recently remastered and reissued from BGO Records yet, you should hurry up! BGO Records reproduced that great double album onto 1 CD (Total time 79:38), with complete fidelity - including HOBBIT!


       Ten Years After played at the Finland Rock Festival JUNE 28 !
Tapani Laiho reported this wonderful TYA's performance.

Last saturday (28.6.) it happened, TYA and ALVIN LEE were here and they really showed us how to play rock and roll. Alvin was in fine shape and mood and fullfilled all our hopes,even more . He played like allmost nobody can, I think among those bands which I have seen only NEIL YOUNG and GRAZY HORSE (last summer) were on the same level and I mean sky high. Yesterday (29.6.)superstar David Bowie was a big disapointment, he didn't lift me a bit, I just sank in the sand. BUT TYA was good, as good as 30 years ago, ALVIN played his guitar with allmost everything he could get in his hands (microfone stand and so on). I'm going home, choo choo mama and all fine TYA rock hits went like train and encore sweet little sixteen was the last drop ... audience went nuts and jumpped and rolled in the sand. I thought they will never let TYA leave stage, but they left and now I hope to see TYA again as soon as possible.
Best Regards and TYA forever!
(from Tapani Laiho)


The all mighty Alvin has blown the audience up. As I told you, the Alvin Lee band put the fire into the first night of the Blues Festival in Marseilles. He's played for an hour and a half. We had R'nR over the world, Take it easy, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Slow Blues in C, I'm Going home, Choo Choo Mama, Love like a Man, Tomorrow I'll Be out of town, Johnny B. Good and maybe a few ones but I can't remember. He played on a ES-335 red with classic PAFand the Hippy drawing but It was not the vintage one. He played very loud and very great especially by the end of the show. HOT ALVIN !!

       New interesting compilation CD PROGRESSIVE ROCK ANTHEMS (NECTAR NTRCD 074) has been released from UK, featuring LOVE LIKE A MAN by TEN YEARS AFTER among others (Barclay James Harvest, Procol Harum, ELO, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Edger Winter, Edger Broughton, Jethro Tull, Focus, Traffic, Medicine head, Uriah Heep, Gentle Giant, Joe Cocker, Hawkwind and EL&P).

       BGO Records issued six titles of digital remastered TYA original albums on CD! (Info from Antonio. Thanks!)


BGOCD338 TYA "Ssssh"
BGOCD341 TYA "Recorded Live"
BGOCD345 TYA "Watt"
BGOCD348 TYA "Rock & Roll Music To The World"
BGOCD351 TYA "A Space In Time"
BGOCD356 TYA "Stonedhenge"

       TYA played at KARLSHAMN ROCK FESTIVAL June 14 !
Here's a report from Benny Lundin
. (Click here to go to Benny's Alvin/TYA page.)

TYA should start to play at 8.15 PM, but they had change,They played in the end and were the main attraction. , They startedat 11,15 PM and played until 1,00. Alvin played on a Gibson 335, "not his old one". This one didn't have a single coil, it was original except for the tremolo system, I think it was a Khaler system., I could not see it so well.
They looked very happy to play together again, Alvin just had a "big smile" on his lips the hole gig, and so the others as well. it was just like I was 18 years old again when I was standing there, it was a great happening. I realy wich that they will tour the hole world so everyone can see and listen to them.
The songs were in order; R&R Music to the world/ Hear me calling/ Love like a man/ Good morning little schoolgirl/ Hobbit/ Slow blues in C/ Johnny B Good/ Victim of circumstance/ I can't keep from crying/ I'm going home. X-tra; Cho cho mama/ Lick it up/ Sweet little sixteen.
The other bands at the festival were in order; Simon Bolivar (SW)/ Overdrive (SW)/ Mick Taylor (UK)/ Innocent blood (DK)/ The Blues Band (UK)/ Dublin Fair (SW)/ Molly Hatchet (US) (damn loud)/ Led Zeppelin Jam (DK)/ and then finally the one and only Alvin & TYA.
Yeah, this was a small report from our festival evening.

       Alvin Lee Fan Club page has daily reports of TYA in concert '97, featuring lots of audience comments!


       Ten Years After played in Brazil and Denmark this month.
Check out this new OVER THE HILL PAGE from Brazil !
Now it's written in both portuguese and English, with audio files !


       "ROCK ON"- issue 4 has been issued featuring "ALVIN LEE ANSWERS YOUR QUESTION"!!! Hurry up and check here before it's sold out!


       Eddie Hardin's "WIZARD Convention 3"
has just been released from TDK (TDCN-5615) in Japan - with many notable musicians including Ric Lee
! For more information, visit here.


       Roy Harper's '77 album Bullinamingvase - featuring Alvin Lee - is now available on CD with one bonus track.

       The Audiophile edition of SSSSH/CRICKLEWOOD GREEN on one CD by Mobil Fidelity Sound Lab has been released! For details, check out this MFSL home page.

       Benny Lundin who lives in Sweden reporded : "TYA will also play at KARLSHAMN ROCK FESTIVAL June 14"!!!


       New compilation CD "I'M GOING HOME"
- legendary 14 tracks of TEN YEARS AFTER - has just been released by Disky Communications Europe B.V. licensed from EMI. I got a copy at Virgin Megastore here in Yokoyama, and now I found it's available at Compact Disc Europe on the net.

       "ROCK ON"- issue 3 is now available at ALVIN LEE FAN CLUB.

       A HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! to all of you and THANK YOU very much for suppoting this site.
The most exciting news I heard recently is that Ten Years After with original members will reunite this year for some concerts in Europe! And They are already booked for the Rock Festival in Esberg, Denmark on May 31. I really hope they will also tour Japan again.


       ALVIN LEE FAN CLUB USA site is now on the net!
If you are a serious Alvin Lee and Ten Years After fan, please check it out immediately!

(29/11/96 needless to say, I'm a member, too.)

       Alvin Lee Fan Club USA latest Newsletter
(Sep. '96) has just been issued!
This issue has INTERVIEW WITH ALVIN LEE, THE EARLY INFLUENCES...CHARLIE CHRISTIAN, ARTICLE FROM BRITISH ROCK GUITAR and many intersting comments&reviews. If you haven't seen it yet,
e-mail to Toni Franklin (Alvin Lee Fan Club USA) right away!


       Alvin Lee solo albums on CDs!?
Once again I got a letter from Mr. Christensen who talked to Alvin Lee at the Samsoe Festival. Alvin told that his hand is OK and that he is working on the release of his older solo albums on CD!


       The video "Music Scene" series has just been released!
Ten Years After's "Bad Scene" is included in Volume 3.
For order "Music Scene - Vol. 3",
They also have in stock the "Groupies" movie video (order # R-3392).

(24/8/96 from Herb)

       Alvin played at the Samsoe Festival (Jul.20) !
I'm so glad that I've just recieved a letter from Henrik Christensen who lives in Denmark!!

"I saw Alvin live at the Samsoe Festival a month ago, and he is truly great! Had a chat with him afterwards, he is still a charming, nice down to earth guy! "

He dosen't have e-mail address now, please write to :

Henrik Christensen
Hans Tausens Vej 7
DK-6700 Esbjerg, Denmark


(1/8/96, Thanks Herb!)


Noted British guitarist, Alvin Lee, was forced to leave the "Best of British Blues" tour following a performance in Detroit, MI on May 30th due to a sprained wrist. Lee injured the wrist during the early part of the tour, which began May 15th in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Against doctor's orders, Lee continued the tour until the pain was too severe to continue. A pair of doctors in Detroit insisted that Lee not continue to further aggravate the injury and ordered him to stop playing or risk permanent damage. "I hate to disappoint my fans", said Lee, "But try as I might, I couldn't play through this one without unbelievable pain". Lee also said after he is fully recovered, he would have his representatives reschedule the cancelled concerts. Also on the bill with Lee were Eric Burdon and an all-star British Blues Band.

Gabriele Skarda

Please direct questions to Toni Franklin, Alvin Lee Fan Club USA,


Rik Meyer/Java Project "Tracks of the Past"
Label : VIA V95 003820
Genre : Blues
Featuring: ALVIN LEE, Herman Brood, Harry Muskee, Eello Gelling
Release date : 13-5-96

Good Rock&Blues music and a very good value!
The Cd has 16 tracks and Alvin plays lead vocals and lead guitar on one called "Rock & Roll Hoochie Coo", and the first and fantastic guitar solo on "Divin Duck".

(5/6/96, from Antonio)


Izumi Tada