Butoh Dance Company "Butoh-sha Tenkei"
Ebisu Torii and Mutsuko Tanaka
Butoh-sha Tenkei
/ Works
Premiere : 1994.11.30-12.1

" Nocturne "

劇場は 水牛の眠る みずうみ
底なしの府 迷宮に
小児童たちのなぞる ひとり遊びのように
ゆっくり おそく おくれ続ける
舞踏舎 天鷄
舞踏舎 天鷄
Nakano Terpsi Chore, Tokyo

The theatre is a lake where water buffalo sleep
A bottomless sink, a maze.

Like the lonely play of children,
tracing with their fingers,
slowly slowly always retarding.

Sleep, the deep, black lake.
The scene develops as strange living creatures
emerge from its depths.

A bird. A Iittle girl. An animal. A shadow.
A white ox and white sheep.
A princess. A man of water;
Laughter and ridicule.

In the dream, as though chasing the shapes of
dreams, or being chased by dreams,
the four dancers roam about constantly as they
dance in the quiet of the night.

by, Ebisu Torii
at The Jubilee Hall, Singapore
舞踏舎 天鷄
舞踏舎 天鷄 舞踏舎 天鷄
舞踏舎 天鷄
舞踏舎 天鷄

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