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Ebisu Torii and Mutsuko Tanaka
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" Kuchibue (Whistle) " - Seriese Aqua Vol.II

舞踏舎 天鷄
A subtle, moist tone of breath, a lonesome play of lips embracing eternity!
A solitary child formed out of the clay comes across another!
Here meets the inside with the outside!

Title : "Kuchibue (Whistle)"
Date :October 25th(Fri.), 26th(Sat.), 27th(Sun.)
Place :TERPSICHORE, tel.03-3383-3719, (6min. from Nakano Sta.on JR Line)
Curtain time :25th 7:30PM, 26th 7:30PM, 27th 4:30PM
Ticket :¥2,500 in advance, ¥3,000 at the door
Box office :
Ticket PIA : Phone(03)5237-9999,9988
JCDN : http://dance.jcdn.org
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