Butoh Dance Company "Butoh-sha Tenkei"
Ebisu Torii and Mutsuko Tanaka
Butoh-sha Tenkei
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Performance History

Butoh-sha Tenkei

Butoh-sha Tenkei
Performance History (Domestic

2018 May "Shi-Shi-Mai" (Ebisu Torii's works SelectionⅡ) at Nakano Terpsichore,Tokyo
2017 February "Les Bonnes" (Ebisu Torii's works SelectionⅠ) at The Koebji,Tokyo
2016 August "でこぼこな夢の内側に" at Nippori D-soko,Tokyo
2015 May Video Exhibition & Dance "断章のトタンにダンス" at Nakano Terpsichore,Tokyo
2012 August “Utsubo-Bune”」at Nippori d-soko
2009 May Dance Labo.2009“Akutai-no-Hana” at nakameguro studio TOT, Tokyo
2008 November Okashi-to-KagamiAlice-Teki II at Kagurazaka Theatre, Tokyo
2007 October Alice-Teki at Die Platz Azabu, Tokyo
2006 December Dance Labo.VI at nakameguro studio TOT, Tokyo
  May Dance Labo.V at nakameguro studio TOT, Tokyo
2005 December Dance Labo.IV at nakameguro studio TOT, Tokyo
  August Dance Labo.III at nakameguro studio TOT, Tokyo
  May Dance Labo.II at nakameguro studio TOT, Tokyo
2004 December Dance Labo.I at nakameguro studio TOT, Tokyo
2003 October KUCHIBUE (premier) at Nakano Terpsichore,Tokyo
  September Nocturne in Butoh Festival at SAOPAULO,BRASIL
2002 January AQUEOUS (premier) at Kagurazaka die pratze, Tokyo
2001 December The Hares Dance (premier) at kochi
2000 September Les Bonnes (Tenkei Special) at Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima/ Takamatsu City Museum of Art
1999 Novemer KANATA 1999 ??Premier?? at Kitazawa Town Hall, Tokyo
The program was supported by Japan Arts Fund
July Les Bonnes (Tenkei Special) at Eru Park, Sendai
  June Still Life at Nakano Terpsichore, Tokyo: Torii Hall, Osaka: Nanatsudera Kyodo Studio, Nagoya (Mutsuko Tanaka's solo program)
1998 October Les Bonnes (Tenkei Special) at Torii Hall, Osaka
1997 November Les Bonnes (Tenkei Special) at Theater Tram, Tokyo
  September Showcase at Yokohama ST spot, Kanagawa (Ebisu Tori's solo program)
1996 November NUMA-Fantasy of Lotus at Nakano Terpsichore, Tokyo
1995 September Later, Letter, Leda at Nakano Terpsichore, Tokyo
1994 November Noturne at Nakano Terpsichore, Tokyo
  February Negative ?? Torii at Kitazawa Town Hall, Tokyo
The program was supported by Japan Arts Fund
1992 October MU-SHI-GA-SHI Tales at Nakano Terpsichore, Tokyo
  May A picture book of Larvae at Nakano Terpsichore, Tokyo (Mutsuko Tanaka's solo program
1990 November Outcast at Kichijoji Baus Theater, Tokyo
1988 June HumoresqueVat Nakano Terpsichore, Tokyo
1987 September HumoresqueIIIat Shimanouchi Church, Osaka and Nanatsudera Kyodo Studio, Nagoya
  May HumoresqueIV at Nakano Terpsichore, Tokyo
1986 November HumoresqueIII at Nakano Terpsichore, Tokyo
  September HumoresqueII at Nakano Terpsichore, Tokyo
  July HumoresqueI at Nakano Terpsichore, Tokyo
1984 November The Hares Dance at Shinjuku Yasuda-Seimei Hall, Tokyo
  August Pomegranate at Akasaka Sogetsu Hall (Mutsuko Tanaka's solo program)
The production participated in the Ameriacan Dance Festival in Tokyo
1981 December Wild Strawberries at Dairkudakan Toyotama Garan, Tokyo
  June The Idiots(the initial performance of the company) at Shinjuku ABC Hall, Tokyo

Butoh-sha Tenkei
Performance History (International)

1988 July HumoresqueVII-SASA in Avignon Festival, France
1993 August MU-SHI-GA-SHI Tales at Post Theater in Seoul, Korea
1995 January MU-SHI-GA-SHI Tales in Mamu Festival at Jungen Theater in Göttingen, Germany
1996 February The premiere of Nocturne in the US and Germany:
Los Angels(JACCC), Long Beach(Carpenter Center), Potsdam (Fabrikev), Arustadt (Im Schloss), Halle (Neus Theatre), Dessau (Bauhaus), Altenburg (Lantzus Theatre)
1997 Jan-Feb The second US tour by Nocturne
Seattle (On the Board), Sarasota (Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall), New York(Japan Society), Minneapolis (Walker Arts Center), San Francisco (Theater Artaud), Chicago (Dance Center of Columbia College)
*The tour was supported by the Japan Foundation and the Japan-United States Friendship Commission.
1998 June Nocturne in Singapore Festival of Arts
  Feb-Mar The third US tour by Nocturne
El Paso (Camizal National Memorial Theater), Austin (Dance Unbrella in Austin), Houston (Divers Works), Columbus (Wexner Center), New York (Joyce Theater), Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Dance Council)
*The tour was supported by the Saison Foundation.
1999 February The fourth US and Canada tour by Nocturne
Washington D.C. (George Washington Univ.), Houston (Carpenter Center), Van Couver (East Cultural Center)
2000 February The fifth US tour by Nocturne and the premiere of KANATA 1999
Los Angels (JACCC), Lincoln, Seatle
2001 February Nocturne in Mamu Festival at Jungen Theater in Göttingen, Germany
2001 December Nocturne in Shanghai and Beijing, China
2006 August Nocturne at tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf, Germany
2007 September Nocturne in Sao Paulo , Brazil
2009 October Alicelike , Indonesia

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