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Ebisu Torii and Mutsuko Tanaka
Butoh-sha Tenkei
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Ebisu Torii (1951~2013)

舞踏舎天鷄Admitted to Dairakudakan in 1974 and participated in all its programs until 1979.
Established his own butoh group, Tenkei (Heavenly Chicken) with Mutsuko Tanaka in 1981.

Tenkei is famous for its humor and a touch of pathos embodied in the productions of The Idiots, Humoresque, Outcasts, Nocturne, KNATA and more and these production have been well received overseas as well as in Japan.
Lewis Segal in The Los Angeles Times once said that Nocturne "draw butoh audiences deep into irrational states of consciousness."

Choreographing a series of disciplined solo parts by Tanaka, he is a dancer with a distinctively free and whimsical style that lures audience into butoh.

Mutsuko Tanaka

Admitted to Dairakudakan in 1973 and flourished in its seedtime programs as a diva.
Established her butoh group, "Tenkei"(Heavenly Chicken) with Ebisu Torii in 1981.

She is a dancer with superb skills and fierce concentration and has "painfully repressed passion matched by her focus and slow-motion mastery."(The Chicago Tribune)
And Lewis Segal enthusiastically applauded "?? the diva from hell dominating this alternately poetic and disturbing dance-theater experience" in Los Angeles Times.

Kaori Saito

舞踏舎天鷄Studied at Meiji University with Theater major, Kaori took part in workshops at Dairakudakan and Theater Asbestos.
Has took part in Tenkei since its work Kanata (In the distance) in 1999.
Has been active in solo performance and produced her own solo work "Newton in a rainy day" in 2001.(ST spot in Yokohama)

Kara Tsukimaru




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