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About me

In English it's Hirofumi Nagamura; in Japanese it's Nagamura Hirofumi. You can see how it's written in Japanese [size: 3K] —the top row is in the hiragana script, and the second row is in kanji.
Date of birth
Feb. 26, 1967
Kobe, Japan
Freelance technical translator and English teacher
Graduated 1985 from Kobe High School.
Went on to Kyoto University (Department of Law), but for some reason never graduated.
TOEIC score: 950
Japan Translation Federation Accreditation: Level 1 (E to J)
STEP English Proficiency Test: Level 1
UN English Proficiency Test: Level A
Linguistics, programming, and classical music

My father used to work for a trading company, and I spent my childhood in the U.S. (New York and Los Angeles, five and a half years total)—which is how I acquired my English.

I've been doing translations since around 1992, mainly software manuals and online help files for the Windoze and Unix platforms. I've done translations and localizations of:

I also teach English to junior & senior high school students at a local juku. Juku are private after-school classes that kids can go to in order to catch up on their studies (if they're behind) or for advanced work that the schools don't offer (if they're talented). There are countless juku in Japan, and the majority of kids attend one (or more).

I used to play the French horn in the school band at high school, and in the student orchestra at university. Perhaps as a consequence, my taste in music is heavily skewed toward orchestral music and music for wind instruments. Favorite composers include Berg, Webern, Mahler, Richard Strauss, Debussy, Ravel, Scriabin, Shostakovitch, and Takemitsu—not necessarily in that order, of course.

I sometimes write programs for fun. Borland Delphi is my programming tool of choice.

Perhaps because of my job, I am interested in linguistics. The intricate inner workings of language, and the various ways in which people use them, is fascinating. The sci.lang, sci.lang.japan, and fj.sci.lang newsgroups are great places to hang out at, even if you're just a lurker like me.

Hirofumi NAGAMURA <nagamura@kh.rim.or.jp>