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[A Japanese version of this page is available.]

Welcome to my home page. Hirofumi is my first name, Nagamura is the family name, and I am a (30+N)-year-old male professional translator (among other things) living in Kobe, Japan.

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Not much yet (sorry!), but hopefully there'll be more to come.

Hard-to-read place names in the Kansai region
If you think you've mastered your kanji, then take a look at this page. (You need a Japanese-capable browser and Japanese fonts to see this page.)
Chinese characters, literacy, and the Japanese model
Against accusations that the complexity of Chinese characters is the main cause of China's high rate of illiteracy, some people point out that Japan uses the same characters and yet enjoys a literacy rate of 99%. Here's why I think the argument is not valid.
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How to tell if you're Japanese
My contribution to Mark Rosenfelder's Metaverse site.

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