What is Ars Nova?

Ars Nova is a company doing research in new technologies applicable to composing, printing, recording and production of music from the standpoint of the composer and teacher.

Although many people in several fields have a superb mastery of harmony, counterpoint, orchestration on one side and the use of computers for printing and generating music on the other side, many of them are proficient in only one of these areas. In addition to this the technology is in a state of very rapid change which requires constant study.

The purpose of our research is to help teachers and students in finding the technology suited for their activity and help them to buy it at the lowest cost possible and learn its use in a short and efficient way.

The advantages are numerous: Printing of scores and parts with a minimum loss of time, being able to generate a fair execution without depending upon the availability of the needed musicians and the possibility for students and teachers to work regardless of geographical location.

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